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Ikebana Newsletter Melbourne 

December 2020 



1. Ikebana Dojo


Join an online learning community using Zoom. Ikebana Dojo is not an online ikebana workshop, in which you can create your ikebana work by simply following instructions. Ikebana Dojo asks you to be more proactive. It is a great aid for independent ikebana training (Jishu Tore - in Japanese).


Four Ikebana Principles started 7 November 2020.



Movement: 4:00pm - 4:30pm, Saturday 21 November 2020

Contrast: 4:00pm - 4:30pm, Saturday 5 December 2020

Pattern: 4:00pm - 4:30pm, Saturday 19 December 2020


How much: $10 for one session


Details: http://www.ikebanadojo.org/2020/08/four-ikebana-elements.html

Please follow the site by subscribing at “Follow by Email”  


Note: Now you can watch a video tutorial for free. Subscribe our Youtube Channel. http://www.ikebanadojo.org/2020/07/ikebana-dojo-contrast-1.html  



2. New Mail Group


Please join our email group. http://www.shoso.com.au/p/newsletter.html



3. Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 


a. A new website Launched: https://bit.ly/MelbourneIkebana Join the Wa mailing list from the website. 

b. Directory: Free directory service available for ikebana teachers who have exhibited at Wa.

c. Wa will present “Ikebana Performance with Paul Grabowsky”  

d. Wa will run Australia Ikebana Container Award & Exhibition. Internationally renowned Hiroe Swen will be a judge for this award.  

e. Wa is looking for several new team members (volunteer positions). 



4. Events Calendar


28 November 2020: Zoom Ikebana Dojo, Movement Level 2.

30 November 2020: Deadline for ikebana essay. International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR), www.ikebana.link.

5 & 12 December 2020: Zoom Ikebana Dojo, Contrast Level 2.

19 & 26 December 2020: Zoom Ikebana Dojo, Pattern Level 2.

25 - 31 December 2020: Second entry period for the Ikebana Gallery Award 2021.

13 & 16 January 2021: A special term starts for Shoso’s students.  

16 January 2021: Ikebana Dojo Special Program 

17 January 2021: ISIR online conference. Free admission. 

26 January 2021 (to be confirmed): An internationally renowned ikebana master, Mr Ken Katayama will join Ikebana Dojo again as a guest facilitator. His sessions with us in August were video recorded and available on YouTube. Enjoy the sessions by one of Japan’s most popular Ikebana masters. Follow Ikebana Dojo website for updates. www.ikebanadojo.org

30 January 2021: Ikebana Dojo Special Program 

3 & 6 February 2021: Term 1 starts. Details will be announced shortly. Please read our new terms and conditions.  

11&12 September 2021: Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival. https://bit.ly/MelbourneIkebana



5. Class Dates - Special Term, 2021


Because this is a special time for many reasons, we added an extra term in January 2021. Fees are either $35 per session or $75 per term (Up to 3 sessions, to be paid on the first session). 

New students welcome. 

Please note that the COVID related regulations that we are all so familiar with would apply. 

Please book as we need to manage the number of students. 

You can mix Sat & Wed classes as usual. Attend 3 sessions out of 6 sessions in January. Thank you.     


Wednesday Class (1:00 - 2:30 pm)

January 13, 20, 27

Saturday Class (10:00 - 11:30 am) 

January 16, 23, 30


How to book & pay:

  1. Book online & pay by credit card: https://cal.smoothbook.co/5fbf1b8f2bb1eb37f3bde318. You can cancel your booking by 12 January. Cancellation fee (institution fees) will apply.  
  2. Email to book & pay by bank transfer by 13 January: Bank Details - Account: Shoso Shimbo, BSB: 033-070, No. 286877 
  3. Email to book & pay cash on the first day: Please note late fee will apply if you don’t pay on the first day. 



6. Class Dates Term 1, 2021


Our new term starts from February 2021. 

Details will be announced in our tuition page



7. Tuition Fees


Details: https://www.shoso.com.au/p/tuition.html

Check class dates online: http://www.shoso.com.au

Bank Details - Account: Shoso Shimbo, BSB: 033-070, No. 286877               



8. Q & A: Tuition - Check new terms & conditions





9. Ikebana Gallery Award - Don’t Miss the Deadline


Important changes have been made. If interested, please choose 3 of your recent best works and post them by yourself to IGA Facebook page. http://ikebanaaustralia.blogspot.com.au


25 - 31 December: Second entry period for the Ikebana Gallery Award 2021. IGA Committee Members, Ivy Le Maguer (France) and Mario Ryo Ryu Sons  (Italy) will select semi finalists this time.  



10. International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR)


a. International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR) welcomes new members. www.ikebana.link

b. If you come across any unfamiliar ikebana related term, send an email to ISIR. ISIR will translate it for free and add it to its glossary. 

c. Shoso Shimbo was appointed to the Vice President of ISIR. Shoan Lo was appointed to a Secretary of ISIR. 



11. Publication - Shoso 2020


eBook, “Shoso Shimbo 2020” is on sale now. It is now available in Apple iBooks. http://bit.ly/Shoso2020



12. Ikebana in School 


Shoso and his associates start a new project to promote Ikebana to Australian students. http://bit.ly/Ikebana-School



13. Looking for Ikebana class near you?





14. How to follow Shoso’s activities





15. Where can I see Shoso’s works in Melbourne?





16. Miscellaneous


Gift ideas, Vouchers, eBook, shopping, Japanese garden design, ikebana related information etc. Miscellaneous


Dr Shoso Shimbo

0439 314 097



Murrumbeena Melbourne


Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival

Ikebana Gallery Award

Zoom Ikebana Dojo

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