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Ikebana Newsletter Melbourne 

February 2023  


1. Events Calendar


22 October - March 2024: Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Award: Shoso’s work will be displayed throughout the summer.  

January 2024: New Intakes for Ikebana Aesthetics Program & 1000 Ikebana Challenge, Ikebana Dojo, 

27 January 2024Ikebana Introduction Workshop ($60).

31 January 2024: The new term starts for Ikebana Certificate Courses. 

17 February 2024Ikebana Introduction Workshop ($60).

2 March 2024Ikebana Introduction Workshop ($60).

15 March 2024: Shoso Shimbo will talk about “the Ikebana Workshop in Socio-Cultural Contexts” at the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria Annual Conference, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

20 - 24 March 2024: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Some committee members of the Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival will exhibit their work.

13 April 2024: 42nd Conference - International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR). Free online event. 

7 & 8 September 2024: Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival. 


2. Class Dates Term 1, 2024


Wednesday Class (1:00 - 2:30 pm)

31 January - Nageire Practice

 7, 14, 21, 28  February  

6, 13 March

17 April  

Wednesday Class (7:00 - 8:30 pm)

31 January - Nageire Practice

 7, 14, 21, 28  February  

6, 13 March

17 April

Saturday Class (10:00 - 11:30 am) 

3 February - Nageire Practice

10, 17, 24, February 

2, 9 March 

20, 27 April 

Course Fees

  1. $40 per session or
  2. $200 per term (up to 8 sessions) or
  3. $100 for 3 sessions

How to book & pay:

New Student: Please send an application form, after reading our terms & conditions.

  • Please check our new terms and conditions (including FAQ). 
  • There are some misunderstandings about our make-up lesson service. Check FAQ.
  • Please join our mailing list. There may be some changes in our class dates. 
  • The first session of each term is a nageire challenge. Master basic nageire styles! 


3. Ikebana Introductory Class - Gift Voucher Available


One-hour all-inclusive ikebana workshop for beginners. Join with your friends or family. $60 p.p. 

Venue: Murrumbeena or North Balwyn. 

Dates (Murrumbeena):

27 January 2024

17 February 2024

2 March 2024


4. New Bank Account


Our new account details are as follows:

Account Name: Tsubo Melbourne Pty Ltd

BSB: 033070

Account number: 527917


5. Hanadayori: Online Exhibitions, Photo Book & Perfumes


Online Exhibition -

Photobook -

Perfumes -

Discover the enchanting world of ikebana with us! What kind of ikebana are you eager to see? We're reaching out to ikebana practitioners globally, inviting them to craft unique arrangements based on your requests, showcased in our upcoming online exhibition, Hanadayori 2023. A warm welcome to our diverse community of international ikebana artists! Let's spread the beauty of ikebana far and wide.

We are delighted to announce the release of the 2023 edition of the photobook "Hanadayori: Ikebana by Request."

Originally presented as an online exhibition on YouTube, we've decided to capture its unique meditative essence in a photobook format for a more profound appreciation.

The ikebana creations by our team members, Shoan Lo, Aileen Duke, Shoka Healey, and Shokiku Thode, have been featured in the publication alongside works by international ikebana masters.

In celebration of the Hanadayori 2023 launch, Metascent proudly introduces the Hanadayori Collection, a bespoke line of fragrances. This collection features three meticulously crafted perfumes incorporating Japanese plant essences—sakura, yuzu, and hinoki. It's a tribute to nature by Metascent, and your purchase directly supports the Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival scheduled for September 7 & 8, 2024.


6. Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival - International Ikebana Event


Expanding the joy of ikebana to a wider audience! Save the dates for the Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival on 7 & 8 September 2024, featuring an increased number of exhibitors and special events. 

Our goal is to generate greater interest in ikebana, enabling our new teachers to thrive in their roles as both working artists and instructors. Join us in cultivating a flourishing community of ikebana enthusiasts!

Exciting Special Events:

Ikebana & Slave Grigoryan

Ikebana Dinner Show by Oshun Tsukagoshi (Japan)

Exhibition of 20 Artists from Ikebana Shofu (Japan)

Hiroe Swen Exhibition

Free Ikebana Workshop for Seniors

Hana-Awase: Ikebana Performance to Live Music

Bridal Ikebana Bouquet Competition  

Mr. Oshun Tsukagoshi is putting in a tremendous effort on our behalf to bring over 20 artists to Melbourne. If you have an Instagram account, we encourage you to follow Oshun, show your appreciation by liking his posts, and leave thoughtful comments. Let's come together to express our wholehearted support for this endeavour.


——————————————————-— ———————-

7. Ikebana Dojo - Online Courses - Book Now

———————————-———————— ———————-  

Ikebana Dojo Level 1 - Starting from January 2024. 

Details & Booking:

Note: Now you can watch many of our video tutorials for free. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

1000 Ikebana Challenge - Starting from January 2024.

Make an ikebana work a day over 1000 days. One of the hardest and most enjoyable ikebana courses ever. All welcome including beginners. 

About Zoom Ikebana Dojo.



8. Ikebana Gallery Award 


The International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR) is now an official partner of the Ikebana Gallery Award.  


9. International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR)


Next Online Conference - 14 April 2024  

a. International Society of Ikebana Research (ISIR) welcomes new members.

b. If you come across any unfamiliar ikebana-related term, send an email to ISIR. ISIR will translate it for free and add it to its glossary. 

c. Shoso Shimbo was appointed as the Vice President of ISIR. Shoan Lo was appointed as a Secretary of ISIR. 

d. Join their mailing list to receive the latest news. 

f. Call for ikebana essays. Share your ikebana experience.  


10. Ikebana in School 


Shoso and his associates started a new project to promote Ikebana to Australian students.

Shoso will talk about the Ikebana Workshop in Socio-Cultural Contexts at the Japanese Teacher Association Victoria Annual Conference, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.


11. Shoso featured in the media  


ABC Gardening Australia -

The Age Newspaper -

SBS - SBS Japanese radio program. 



12. Looking for an Ikebana class near you?



13. How to follow Shoso’s activities



14. Where can I see Shoso’s works in Melbourne?


Saint Dreux, Melbourne Emporium

Parkside Plastic Surgery, East Melbourne


15. Ikebana for your shop/office? 


Elevate your shop or office ambience with a touch of fresh ikebana! Shoso and his skilled team are ready to craft stunning floral arrangements tailored to your space. 

Enjoy the beauty of weekly ikebana starting from $150, $200, or $350. Treat yourself and those around you to the enduring charm of these exquisite displays.


16. Recent Publications 


Shoso’s Publication 

2023c. いけ花の国際化:オーストラリア、メルボルンから、(Internationalisation of Ikebana: Case Studies in Melbourne), 花美術館

2023b.「専応口伝」における面かげの形而上学International Journal of Ikebana Studies,10, 21-28.

2023a. What is Ikebana (2): Selected passages from “Hana ni ikiru hitotachi e” (1967) by Suido Yamane. International Journal of Ikebana Studies, 10, 29-30.

2022. 第二次大戦前後の生け花場における自由花運動の相対的位相 (Relative positions of Freestyle Ikebana Movement in the field of ikebana before and after the WWⅡ)「はじめて学ぶ芸術の教科書、伝統文化研究編」井上治、森田都紀(編)、京都芸術大学芸術学舎

amazonPOD  価格¥1300

Kindleストア 価格¥1200


17. Publication - Shoso 2020


eBook, “Shoso Shimbo 2020” is on sale now. It is now available in Apple iBooks.


18. Ikebana Container Exhibition - Biennale


Our first Australia Ikebana Container Award & Exhibition was held successfully. Internationally renowned Hiroe Swen was the judge for this award (Aus$1000). Hiroe was recognised with the Order of Australia (AM) on 12 June 2023. 


19. Miscellaneous


Tsubo Zen Gardens specialises in creating small Japanese gardens in Melbourne. See a recent project, a private garden in Seddon.  

Gift ideas, Vouchers, eBook, shopping, Japanese garden design, ikebana-related information etc.

Dr Shoso Shimbo

0439 314 097

Murrumbeena Melbourne

Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival

Ikebana Gallery Award

Zoom Ikebana Dojo

Tsubo Zen Gardens