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Ikebana Newsletter Melbourne
October  2018 

1. Events Calendar
24 September 2018: Shoso will create an Ikebana arrangement for a Book launch & Dinner at Supernormal restaurant in St Kilda. Please book, if you are interested. 

28 & 29 September 2018 (to be advised): Shoso will create 7 arrangements including a large work for a display suite for a new development in Barenya Court, Kew. This is like a Shoso’s solo exhibition! Volunteer assistants welcome. 

21 September to 6 November 2018: Biennale of Australian Art. Shoso was selected as one of the top 150 artists of the nation for the biennale. Shoso’s artist residency is form 13 to 19 October. Visit Ballarat and enjoy this great art festival and see Shoso’s installation at the Mining Exchange.  

6 & 7 October 2018: Wa Ikebana Exhibition and Workshops.

There is a workshop session only for men. Encourage your friend or family to join.

24 October 2018: A new term of Shoso’s course, From Ikebana to Contemporary Art at RMIT Short Courses will start.

28 October 2018: Ikebana worksop at Kazari, Prahran. A number of great Ikebana containers will be available on and after this day. Please visit Kazari. 

28 October - 9 December 2018: Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards 2018. Shoso Shimbo was selected as a finalist for the award. 

2. Class Dates, Term 3, 2018  
Please note that three are some changes due to Shoso’s artist residency with BOAA etc. If you (in particular some overseas students) cannot readjust your schedule, please contact Shoso. You may be able to have semi-private lessons during BOAA in Ballarat.

Tuesday Class (1:00 - 2:30 pm)
August 14, 21, 28
September 4, 11, 18 
October 9, 23

Tuesday Class (7:00 - 8:30 pm)
August 14, 21, 28
September 4, 11, 18 
October 9, 23

Saturday Class (10:00 - 11:30 am)
August 11, 18, 25 
September 1, 8, 15  
October 27
November 10

3. New Tuition Fees Effective August 2018
Course Fees: Effective August 2018
We will have 8 sessions in one term. 
Our fees are not negotiable and not refundable. 
The fee is valid only for the term in which you paid. 

Three Types of Fees: It seems that our fee system has been causing some confusion for students. We try to keep our fees as reasonable as possible and we try to accommodate as many people as possible but it is frustrating to have to keep repeating the terms and conditions. Therefore we’re introducing a simpler system from next term. Here are the options:

a. Standard Rate: $35 per session
You can pick any class you are able to attend from the dates specified in our class dates and pay session by session. We prefer that you book by email when you are planning to attend. This is very simple and flexible, and ideal for short time visitors to Melbourne, or people who are unsure how many classes they can commit in a term.

b. Discount Rate: $200 per term (8 sessions)  
$75 for introductory Course (3 Sessions)
Post introductory Course (up to 5 sessions) - available only once
A condition for the Discount Rate is upfront payment. If payment is not made full on the first lesson, the discount rate does not apply. This is non-negotiable.

c. Early Bird Discount: $160 per term (8 sessions)
This option is available only for continuing students. The fee has to be paid during the first week of each term. If payment is not made full on the due date, the discount rate does not apply and only standard rate applies for the term. This is non-negotiable. It is your responsibility to check the due date each term.  

Continuing students means those who have attended at least 3 sessions in the previous term. 

Those who have attended 8 sessions in one term and would like to attend extra sessions in the same term can pay $25 per session. If payment is not made on the day, however, standard rate applies. 

Check class dates online:
Bank Details - Account: Shoso Shimbo, BSB: 033-070, No. 286877                             

If payment is not made full on the first lesson, the discount rate does not apply. This is non-negotiable.

4. Ikebana Gallery Award 
Ikebana Gallery Award is the first online Ikebana competition for all Ikebana students in the world and has been recognised as historically significant. 
This award provides the students with not just a special addition to their cv but also a rare opportunity to show their works, receive Likes and encouraging comments from more than 16,000 viewers around the world and international art experts.

Two of Shoso’s students won the Ikebana Gallery Gold Award 2018. The award will give them not just confidence and motivation to pursue a long and enriching way of flower but also great benefits when they promote their works or teaching commercially.   

I’d like to thank my Sensei, Shoso Shimbo, for his guidance, and the feedback received from the expert judges.  My work is also inspired by a cohort of supportive classmates. Thank you very much for the award. Pulcheria 

I am thrilled and honoured to be selected for the Ikebana Gallery Gold award.  Sharing this award with Pulcheria is very satisfying, as I greatly admire her work. Congratulations to all the students who entered. The award gives us a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by students from ikebana schools around the world. 
It is especially exciting for me because my daughter Maddie, who inspired me to start studying Sogetsu ikebana, won the gold award in 2014. What an amazing mother and daughter achievement! 
I am extremely grateful to Shoso Sensei who shares his extensive knowledge and expertise so sensitively and gently with us, his students. He is a true Master. Thank you also to the expert judges, who enrich our experience with their feedback, and give their time so generously. 

Please like Ikebana Gallery Facebook page to receive the updates.

5. Judges for Ikebana Gallery Award 
We are pleased to announce that Dr Mino joined the Ikebana Gallery Award Judging panel. Dr Mino is the Director - Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, the Vice Chairman - Sotheby’s North America, the Chief Executive Director - the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa & the Honorary Director - Osaka Municipal Museum of Art. 
Related posts on welcoming Dr Mino, one of the most famous art directors in Japan. 

6. Wa: Ikebana Exhibition 2018
6 & 7 October 2018: Wa Ikebana Exhibition and Workshops. 
There is a workshop session only for men. Encourage your friend or family to join. 

Please help promote our exhibition. Shoan has listed a few things you can do. 

Some important things for the exhibitors.
  • Setting up: Friday 5 October 4:30 - 9pm, Saturday 6 October 8:30 - 9:45
  • There will be a photo shooting. Follow instruction from our photographer. If you don’t follow instruction or do not finish your work in time, there will be no professional photo for you. 
  • Taking down: Sunday 7 October 5pm
  • Opening Ceremony: Saturday 6 October 11am. Brandon Lee will perform Koto. Please book by email if you have not notified your attendance.
  • Roster. Please contact if you need to change your roster. 
  • Please give away a brochure (there are 500 of them) and ask visitors to fill in a survey before they leave the venue (100 in total. Pick and ask about 15 people at random in each segment).   
  • Sat 10-12:30 Sue, 12:30-3 Georgina, 3-5 Shoen
  • Sun 10-12.30 Kirtana, 12:30-2 Aileen, 2-3 Sue, 3-4 Shoen, 4-5 Toko  
  • Workshop on Sunday
  • 9 am session - Shoan, 10 - Akemi, 11- Aileen, 12 - Toko, 1 - Shoan, 2 - Shoan, 3 - Pulcheria, 4 -  Shoen. 
  • Please help promote workshops. Following website shows the number of bookings.
  • Please team up with another instructor (or student) and asks her to be your assistant in your session. 
  • Workshop Procedure. Always check time and finish in time. 
  • a. Check tools and materials. Meet the students outside the Breakfast Parlour 10 min. before the class. A list of the students will be available from the instructor in charge of your previous session. The list contains names but may not specify which session the student booked. So check the number of participants in your session on the website.   
  • b. Introduction - State the goal and process of the workshop clearly.
  • c. Demo - Students just watch.
  • d. Work with students step by step. 
  • 1. Prepare branches - show again how to do, students follow, & check 
  • 2. Show where to arrange branches in the container.
  • 3. Arrange branches - show again how to do, students follow, & check
  • 4. Check a triangle design framework
  • 5. Add filler - show again how to do, students follow, & check
  • 6. Give positive feedback and make sure everybody is happy
  • d. Promote ikebana courses
  • e. Ask to fill in survey
  • f. Check tools before students leave with their flower.

7. Diploma Course Redefined
With introduction of a new text book 5 in Sogetsu school, we need to make some changes in our teaching diploma course. When you start a diploma course, please choose A, aiming to obtain the diploma ASAP or B, aiming to obtain the diploma at your own pace. Under our current course conditions, A is done in 40 to 60 sessions and B required 80 to 90 sessions to complete. Please tell your intention and discuss with your teacher.   

If you choose A, there will be HOMEWORK. If you don’t do HOMEWORK, you will not be able to complete the course in time and we assume that your choice is B ( 3 to 4 years to complete diploma if attended 24 sessions per year). Please ask the details in class. This applies only to Shoso Shimbo’s courses.  

8. Looking for Ikebana class near you?
Is Murrumbeena too far for you? Some of Shoso’s students have been qualified to teach and are running their own classes. 
Camberwell: Shoen Loo - Instagram: ikebanajenny
Malvern: Toko Tazawa -
Mulgrave: Akemi Suzuki -

9. Salvos Community Fundraising through Ikebana:
Ikebana workshops at your venue 
Shoso Shimbo and his team can offer many type of ikebana workshops now. You may be able to earn more than $200 per hour and donate $50 or more to a charity by hosting our popular one hour workshop.   
Shoso’s team has joined Salvos Community Fundraising.
Share this story if you know someone who might be interested. 

10. Shoso's Ikebana Course at RMIT 
Shoso teaches  "Japanese Aesthetics: From Ikebana to Contemporary Art" at RMIT University Short Courses. It will be available for anyone (not just for RMIT students). This class will take participants on a journey to explore the theory of Japanese aesthetics through practical exercises. Next term will start from 24 October 2018. Please book early.

11. Shoso’s eBook
Shoso has made his 2016 Reflections Collection available to purchase as an e-book.

12. Online Ikebana Lesson
Send a photo of your work to receive expert feedback.
Please follow the instruction, particularly the size of the photo to send.
You work may be published on our blog, but this exercise does not contribute directly to your Sogetsu certificate. 

13. International Journal of Ikebana Studies
IJIS, v.4 has been published. 
Shoso’s article, “Environmental art and ikebana: Reflection of Wye River Project”,  
the essays by Shoso’s students, Akemi Suzuki and Aileen Duke have been accepted.   
3000 Yen inc. Postage

14. Publications
Some of Shoso’s articles are now available for download.  

Shoso Shimbo, Power in the Discourse of Art: Ephemeral Art as Counter Monuments, The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2015, Osaka, Japan. Official Conference Proceedings, pp.817-829. ISSN: 2186-229X.

Shoso Shimbo, Flower in Contemporary Art, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS), Vol.3, 11-20 pp, International Society of Ikebana Studies (ISIS). 

Shoso Shimbo, Environmental Art and Ikebana: Reflection of Wye River Project, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS), Vol.4, 27-38 pp, International Society of Ikebana Studies (ISIS).

15. How to follow Shoso’s activities
a. Subscribe to a newsletter (this newsletter) from the News page in Shoso’s website. All of Shoso’s students have to join our email group.

b. Become a follower of his blog. The easiest way is to register your email address from the top page of his website. Find “follow by email" on the right hand side column. You will receive a notice when the blog is updated.

c. If you have a Facebook account, like his page.

d. Like our Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page, 
You can see some of the works by Shoso's students on this page.

e. Shoso's Japanese blog contains all of the works he has had published monthly in the Japanese community paper, Dengon Net. 

f. Follow Shoso in Instagram. @shoso_shimbo,  

16. Where can I see Shoso’s works in Melbourne?
a. Hanabishi Japanese restaurant
187 King St, Melbourne

b. Parkside plastic surgery 
1/168 Gipps St, East Melbourne

c. Mondopiero
28 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 
Floating bamboos and a couple of ikebana sculptures are usually on display.

d. Koko Japanese Restaurant, Crown, Southbank
Shoso’s flowers will be on display from Christmas day to the New Year day.   

17. Miscellaneous
a. will host Ikebana online courses soon.

b. Visit following shops for Ikebana containers, etc.
Kazari, 450 Malvern Rd, Prahran   
Made in Japan, 1-7 Wynyard St, South Melbourne
Nicholson Imports, 65 Myrtle St, Glen Waverley

c. Great Japan tours.

d. International Society of Ikebana Studies (ISIS) welcomes new members.

e. Buy Ikebana lesson vouchers online.

f. Ikebana Display and Delivery in Melbourne. Weekly flowers by Shoso and his team for receptions etc. are available.

g. Shoso’s Wedding Flowers.

h. Japanese garden designs by Shoso Shimbo. Ask for a free quote.
(1) Shoso has designed a Japanese zen garden for Komeyui Japanese restaurant.
Where: 396 Bay St, Port Melbourne  
(2) Shoso's home garden was selected as one of the top ten gardens in the city of Glen Eira. 
(3) Vertical garden at Mondopiero, Fitzroy.

i. One pairs of Ikebana secateur are available now. Priority is given to those who are doing our certificate courses. $45 each.

Dr Shoso Shimbo
Murrumbeena Melbourne
Mob: 0439 314 097