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Publication - Downloadable files: https://independent.academia.edu/ShosoShimbo

Publication - Monograph
2009 Positive Thinking: The Secret to Success in the Language Classroom.  Köln:    
         Lambert Academic Publishing. http://bit.ly/1HTMqBd 

Publication - Referred Journal Papers
2015 Ikebana to Contemporary Art: Rosalie Gascoigne, The IAFOR Academic   
         Review, Vol.1, Issue 2, pp.16-20. 
2015  Ikebana in English: Bibliographical Essay, International Journal of Ikebana  
         Studies (IJIS), Vol.2, pp.99-107.
2013 Hiroshi Teshigahara in the Expanded Field of Ikebana, The  
         International Journal of Ikebana Studies, 1, p.31-52.
2008 Effects of Music, Relaxation and Suggestion on Tertiary

         Students’ Affect and Achievement in Learning Japanese as a Foreign

         Language. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics. Monash University epress:   

         Victoria, Australia. 16.1-16.22. DOI:10.2104/aral0816
2007 The Effect of Suggestion on Tertiary Students’ Attribution and Self-Concept.        
         Education Research and Perspective, 34 (1), 179-197. 

Publication - Non-referred Journal Articles (Selected)
2015 Ten Virtues of Ikebana: Ten Reasons to Love Flowers. Living Now, Issue 182, 
         pp. 10-11.
2009 February to date, Monthly Ikebana column, “Hana o Tomeru” Dengon Net.
2009 Spiritual Development through Ikebana, Living Now Annual, pp.8-11.
2009 The Spiritual Power of Flowers: Ikebana and Shinto, Dare to Dream, Issue 5,    
2007 The Ten Virtues of Ikebana: Ikebana and Zen, Living Now, September to   
2007 Ikebana and Haiku. Living Now, August, p.11.

Conference Papers                                                                                                
2015 Power in the Discourse of Art: Ephemeral Arts as Counter-monuments and    
         Beyond, The Sixth Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities. The International  
         Academic Forum. April 2-4, Osaka, Japan.
2013 Ikebana to Contemporary Art: Cross Cultural Transformation in Rosalie         
         Gascoigne, The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies. The International  
         Academic Forum. May 24-26, Osaka, Japan.
2012 Re-positioning Ikebana in Contemporary Art. The Third Asian Conference on       
         Arts and Humanities, The International Academic Forum. April 5-8, Osaka,      

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