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Publication - Downloadable files: https://independent.academia.edu/ShosoShimbo

Publication - Collection of Works
Shoso Shimbo 2016
Shoso Shimbo 2020 - Ikebana and Environmental Art

Publication - Monograph
2009 Positive Thinking: The Secret to Success in the Language Classroom. Köln: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Publication - Book Chapter
2021 (In print) 第二次大戦前後の生け花場における自由花運動の相対的位相 (Relative positions of Freestyle Ikebana Movement in the field of ikebana before and after the WWⅡ), Traditional Culture, Kyoto University of Arts Publishing.

2021 (In print) Environmental art: Ikebana meets contemporary art, Craft - Tradition and Invention: Educating in the crafts - The global experience. Book two. Springer Nature.

Publication - Referred Journal Papers
2022 A proposal for online ikebana training: Developing and evaluating a new curriculum to teach ikebana as meditation, International Journal of Ikebana Studies, v.9, 19-36.

2021 An interpretation of Ikenobo Senno Kuden (16c) and its hidden link to the rise of freestyle ikebana in modern Japan, International Journal of Ikebana Studies, v.8, 86-95.

2020 Environmental art as public art, UNESCO Observatory, Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts, 6, 1.9.

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Publication - Non-referred Journal Articles (Selected)

2018 Monthly Ikebana column, “Hana o Tomeru” Dengon Net, May.(Since 2009 February)

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2007 Ikebana and Haiku. Living Now, August, p.11.

Conference Papers
2020 Nature in Ikebana: The freestyle ikebana movement in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and its effect on Avant-garde Ikebana after the war. The 11th Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities, The International Academic Forum (virtual presentation).

2018 Creativity & Education: Environmental Art as a Vehicle of Message. Central de Studii European, Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, 17 April, Iasi, Romania.

2018 Environmental Art as Public Art. Creating Utopia Conference 2018 Sponsored by Deakin University, Lorne Sculpture Biennale, 22-25th March 22 - 25, Qdos Arts Lorne.

2018 Japanese Aesthetics and Environmental Art. The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, The International Academic Forum. March 30 - April 1, Kobe Japan.

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2012 Re-positioning Ikebana in Contemporary Art. The Third Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, The International Academic Forum. April 5-8, Osaka, Japan.