Melbourne Ikebana Festival, 7 and 8 September

Friday 29 April 2022

New Publication: Research on Ikebana Dojo

Shoso's research paper on Zoom Ikebana Dojo was published. Free access now! Thank you our students for great help.

International Journal of Ikebana Studies

A Proposal for Online Ikebana Training

A Proposal for Online Ikebana Training: Developing and Evaluating 

a New Curriculum to Teach Ikebana as Meditation 

 Shoso Shimbo


The first section of this study is a proposal for a new online ikebana curriculum. Since there is little educational research in ikebana, the proposal is largely a hypothesis based on the author’s experience. New attempts were made to develop a curriculum that values meditation rather than self-expression in the process of creating freestyle ikebana. The second section is a pilot study to evaluate the newly developed curriculum based on a short eight-item survey. Quantitative analysis shows that this curriculum helps advanced students (more than 6 years’ experience in ikebana) to improve their meditation, and qualitative data further confirms that their meditative experiences may not always be a positive experience for the individual, but it’s meaningful nevertheless. Results suggest that resources including video tutorials at the orientation stage contributed to encouraging the advanced level students in particular to meditate more effectively during the creative process of ikebana. 

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Ikebana Calendar - April 2022

30 March - 3 April 2022: Melbourne Flower & Garden Show

1 April 2022: Ikebana for High School Students, Japanese Language Teachers Association of Victoria Annual Conference   

9 April 2022: Ikebana Introduction

11 April 2022: Ikebana Workshop at Richmond Library 

30 April 2022: Ikebana Introduction

4 May 2022: Ikebana Workshop at a Secondary School

7 May 2022: Zoom Ikebana Dojo - New Intake for Level 2

7 May 2022: Mother’s Day Ikebana Workshop 


8 May 2022: Mother’s Day Ikebana Workshop at Metascent

14 May 2022: Ikebana Conference, "Ikebana Therapy" , ISIR  

21 May 2022: Ikebana Introduction

4 June 2022: Ikebana Introduction

10 June 2022: Ikebana Workshop at Richmond Library 

18 June 2022: Ikebana Introduction 

21 June 2022Ikebana Workshop at a Secondary School

1 July 2022: 1000 Ikebana Challenge - Make an ikebana a day for 3 years

31 August 2022: Ikebana Workshop at the Pub

10 September 2022: Ikebana Performance with Paul Grabowsky

10 & 11 September 2022: Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival.