Ikebana in School

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, is one of the most popular cultural activities in Japan. It is the perfect introduction of Japanese traditional culture for students of all ages. It is a creative art with a contemplative aspect and has strong links with Zen meditation. Students will learn a little about the traditions of this art form and have a chance to try their hand at creating a floral work of art, guided by some basic design principles. Through Ikebana, students can develop a sense of respect for nature and reflect upon the search for our place within the natural world.

Shoso Shimbo is a certified teacher of Ikebana in Sogetsu School. He has over 30 years experience in Ikebana and studied under the late Sogetsu Head Master, Hiroshi Teshigahara. Shoso was selected by belle magazine as one of “Australia’s top floral designers” and he has won multiple awards including the Gold Award at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. He is a Director of International Society of Ikebana Studies, Ikebana Gallery Award and the Melbourne Ikebana Festival,  and he taught Japanese Aesthetics at the RMIT Short Courses. He has BA (Eastern Philosophy), MA (Japanese Studies), MFA (Sculpture) and PhD (Education). Shoso is also qualified as a Japanese garden designer and a Shinto priest. 

A. Workshop: 40 - 60 minutes/$280, Up to 8 students 
§ Additional Students: $10 per student, Up to 25 students in one group (recommended). 
We aim to introduce Ikebana as part of Japanese culture rather than simply as a traditional craft. This workshop starts with a Power Point presentation (or a talk)  to overview social, cultural and historical aspects of Ikebana

Then, students will enjoy the relaxing and contemplative process involved in creating their own arrangements. They may find themselves re-energised through the magic of touching nature’s gifts.

At the end of the session, they will have an opportunity to have an individual consultation with Shoso. Shoso will provide all materials (flowers, secateurs, container and flower holder). Students can keep their floral works.

B. Demonstration: 40 minutes/$400
Shoso will create 5 arrangements ranging from traditional basic styles and miniature arrangement to medium size arrangements (up to 100 cm high), one of which the clients can keep to display. During the demonstration, Shoso will give a brief history of Ikebana and talk about its significance in contemporary Japanese culture and society.

C. Display Services
Small (up to 50 cm): $50 / Medium (up to 100 cm): $150 / Large: $300 ~
Special occasion arrangements (school concert installation etc.). Although not compulsory, it is recommended to provide your vase or container such as a pot for plants and give the description of it (height & diameter).

In case Shoso Shimbo is not available on the day you requested, one of his students (qualified Ikebana teachers) will be sent to your school.

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Additional Information about the Fees on Workshop A
Number of students: Fee
1 ~ 8 : $280
9: $290
10: $300
11: $310
12: $320
13: $330
14: $340
15: $350
16: $360 
17: $370
18: $380
19: $390
20: $400
21: $410
22: $420
23: $430
24: $440
25: $450

Shoso Shimbo
E: shososhimbo@gmail.com
M: 0439314097