Display & Delivery

"That is beautiful. I am so glad I have finally found an ikebana florist."

"They are stunning. Anyway she was blown away that they were so lovely and that they came from you."

- Some feedback from our clients

A. Ikebana Flower Display in Melbourne (Special Occasions or Weekly Display) 

Price: From $150.

B. Ikebana Flower Delivery in Melbourne

Sample - $200

Sample - $350

1. Fill in and submit an order form below. 

2. Pay either by bank transfer or by credit card (PayPal) at least 48 hours prior to delivery.
Account Name: Tsubo Melbourne (Shoso Shimbo) 
BSB: 033-070
Account Number: 527917

3. Upon the delivery we will send you an image of flower to you. 

1. Compared to the above display option A, the designs & sizes of the work may be limited due to the practical reasons. Some Ikebana works, particularly large ones are impossible to transport.  

2. Urgent delivery is not available. 

3. Other services include Home Party Packages, Mini Bouquets, Special Display Vouchers (You can also send a voucher to your special person so that Shoso can create a special flower on his or her special day).

4. Free message card is available for order over $250.