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Ikebana Class in Melbourne 
Sogetsu School of Ikebana

Weekly lessons will refresh and invigorate you and/or your staff and provide a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and thought. 
Online Ikebana lesson is also available. http://bit.ly/17T886Q 
How to Enrol
Send an email shososhimbo@gmail.com and you will receive all the details.

Class Location
All classes are held in Murrumbeena, Melbourne.

Class Dates
Please check our class dates in our News page
Please join our email group so that you will receive all notices for changes etc. 

Course Fees - Three Types of Fees 
a. Standard Rate: $35 per session
You can pick any class you are able to attend from the dates specified in our class dates and pay session by session. We prefer that you book by email when you are planning to attend. This is very simple and flexible, and ideal for short time visitors to Melbourne, or people who are unsure how many classes they can commit in a term.

b. Discount Rate: $200 per term (8 sessions)
$75 for introductory Course (3 Sessions)
Post introductory Course ($25 per session, up to 5 sessions)
- available once on consultation with your teacher. Use this option until the end of the term in which you joined our introductory course.

A condition for the Discount Rate is upfront payment. If payment is not made in full on the first lesson, the discount rate does not apply.

c. Early Bird Discount: $160 per term (8 sessions)
This option is available only for continuing students. The fee has to be paid during the first week of each term. If payment is not made in full on the first lesson of term, the discount rate does not apply and only the standard rate applies for the term. This is non-negotiable. It is your responsibility to check the term dates.

Continuing students means those who have attended at least 3 sessions in the previous term.

Those who have attended 8 sessions in one term and would like to attend extra sessions in the same term can pay $25 per session. However, if payment is not made on the day, the standard rate applies.

Check class dates online: http://www.shoso.com.au/p/newsletter.html
Join our newsletter: http://www.shoso.com.au/p/newsletter.html
Bank Details - Account: Shoso Shimbo, BSB: 033-070, No. 286877

Basic Principles
1.  All fees are not negotiable nor are they refundable.
2.  The fee is valid only for the term in which you paid.   
3.  Pay in full upfront to join the class and you will find our system easy to follow. 
4.  If our system is too complicated for you to understand and you don't want to seek clarification, you have only one option: pay the Standard Rate.

Course Structure    
The certificate course consists of four levels with 20 classes each. When you complete each level, you can apply for a certificate. Upon completion of your fourth certificate, you can enroll in a professional teaching diploma course which consists of 60 topics to be covered in 60 lessons. The topics include large installations, demonstration methods and displays for commercial spaces.
What to Bring (These materials are not included in course fees)
First Lesson
     A pair of secateurs
     4-5 stems of one kind of flower
From the Second Lesson
     As above plus
     Branch material
     A container and kenzan

Flower and Branch materials can be prepared for you at $15 per lesson. This is a prepaid service and nonrefundable. At least 24 hour notice is necessary to cancel or change the date. Call Shoso for details.

Ikebana Lesson Gift Vouchers (Order from Voucher page)
1. $75:  Introductory course (3 sessions - tuition only)
2. $120: Introductory course with flower materials
3. $200: One term (8 sessions)
4. $240: One term + a text book 
When you give our voucher, please advice following simple conditions.
a. Gift Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
b. Send an email to shososhimbo@gmail.com to book lessons.
c. Course means tuition and does not include secateurs, container nor  kenzan. You can borrow these materials during the introductory course. But you have to bring them once you move to a certificate course which starts from the forth lesson.  

d. If your voucher includes fees for flower materials, please note that you have to give a 24 hour notice to cancel your booking. 

FAQ: Tuition
Q: I missed one lesson this term. Can I make up the lesson next term?
A: No. You have to make up your missed lesson in the same term.

Q: I missed a few lessons this term. Can I get a discount next term?
A: No. Fees paid do not carry over from one term to another. We only give credit for the term when due to circumstances outside our control we have to cancel a class and cannot reschedule a make up lesson within a term.

Q: Can I pay each lesson? 
A: Yes. The standard rate of each lesson is $35. This option is recommended for those who are not sure of their schedule, or those who do not like the conditions and the non-refundable principle of our discount rates.    

Q: I missed some lessons this term. Can I get refund?
A: No. No refunds will be given. 

Q: I have attended 8 sessions in a term and would like to attend more in the same term. How much to pay for the extra sessions?
A: You must have attended more than once in a week. Pay $25 per session from the 9th session in the term.

Q: I failed to pay full on the first day I attended. What happens? 
A: Always pay first to join the class. If you fail to pay on the first day you attend the term, the Standard Rate, not the Discount Rates, will apply. 
If you pay on the second lesson, you have 2 options. 
1) Pay $70 for the first and the second lesson. Pay standard rate $35 lesson by lesson for the rest of the term. 
2) Pay $235 for the first lesson you missed to pay ($35) and the discount rate for the term ($200).

Q: I missed the first 2 sessions and would like to start from the third week of the term. I can attend only 5 sessions this term. How much should I pay?
A: You have 2 options.
1) Pay $35 session by session.
2) Pay $200 for the term.

In short continuing students have 3 types of fees to choose from.
1) $160 Early Bird Discount for a term
2) $200 Discount for a term
3) $35 for a session 
Please check and try to understand the conditions. If you value our teaching, value our fee system. If students continue to negotiate or misunderstand our fee system, we have no option but to remove our early bird discount rate.   

Q: I am attending a course using a voucher that includes both tuition and flower materials. I could not give 24 hours notice to cancel my lesson. Can you prepare flowers for me again next time? 
A: Because we had late or no notice, the flowers we prepared for you were wasted. So you have two options. You may bring your own flowers next time or pay an extra fee to have your flowers prepared for you again.