Friday 17 May 2019

Ikebana to Contemporary Art: RMIT Short Courses

Shoso teaches Japanese aesthetics: From flower arrangements to contemporary art at the RMIT Short Courses. 

It is available for anyone (not just for RMIT university students). This class will take participants on a journey to explore the theory of Japanese aesthetics through practical exercises.

Our students first learn how to make a basic style ikebana arrangement and analyse its 7 principles. They learn that those principles are essential tools to study Japanese aesthetics. 

We also explore wide range of artists and their works. For instance, we briefly discussed in our second lesson Korin Ogata, Hiroshi Teshigahara, Shunmyo Masuno, Shokado Shojo, Frank Stella, Piet Mondrian, Max Bill, Vincent van Gogh & Armani.

Next Intakes: 14 August & 23 October 2019


Q: Hello Shoso

I was in your course this year & enjoyed it so much, I would like to do another with you next year. Hopefully the one starting in Feb.

Could you advise if you will be covering different topics. I don't mind repeating though but want to learn as much as I can for my second trip to Japan, April 2019. I may have a few friends also interested.

I loved my recent trip & took up many of your suggestions, Nezu Gallery & garden, Cerulean Hotel, garden of New Otani hotel, plus sampled wagashi & bought some home, everything I saw & experienced was a delight.

A: We introduce new topics each term, with two basic courses - A: Pattern & Contrast and B: Harmony & Movement. The course includes many trip advices on appreciating Japanese art. Please book early.