Monday 11 March 2019

Shoso (Ikebana) & Grigoryan Brothers (Guitar)

Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival presents Ikebana artist Shoso Shimbo in concert with the Grigoryan Brothers. Shoso will create a large scale floral installation to the music of the world renowned guitar duo in an intimate setting that brings the audience right up close to this captivating performance. Details will be announced shortly.

和メルボルン生け花フェスティバルで、国際的に活躍するギター・デュオ、Grigoryan Brothersと新保逍滄が共演いたします。極めて稀な公演会となりますのでぜひお越し下さい。詳細は間も無くこのサイト上で発表いたします。