Sunday 13 January 2019

Events Calendar

17 January 2019 (to be confirmed): Shoso will create several arrangements including a large work for a display suite of a new development in Barenya Court, Kew.

February 2019: Ikebana Gallery Award 2019, Semifinalists for the December 2018 quarter will be announced. 

2 February 2019: New term of ikebana courses start. New students welcome.

13 February 2019: Japanese Aesthetics - From Ikebana to Contemporary Art.
RMIT Short Courses.

23 February 2019: The Way of the Flower - Ikebana performance with live music. Melbourne Recital Centre. Please book early.  

27 - 31 March 2019: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Shoso and some of his students will exhibit their works. 

31 August & 1 September 2019: Wa - Melbourne Ikebana Festival, Abbotsford Convent. Ikebana exhibition, award, workshops, performances, demos & ikebana market etc.