Wednesday 11 May 2016

Ikebana Performance

The Way of the Flower: Stillness in a World Gone Mad

Shoso Shimbo presented Ikebana performance with Ann Norman (Shakuhachi)  and Brandon Lee (Koto) as part of Matsudo Week.
When: 8pm, Friday 6 May 2016

Where: Box Hill Community Arts Centre, 470 Station St, Box Hill, Victoria 

Ikebana means "to bring flowers to life". Flowers in the fields are alive and in harmony with nature, but once they are cut, separated from nature, they are dying biologically as well as symbolically. Ikebana artists’ job is to give the dying flowers new life. This can't be achieved by simply copying nature. Through a wholistic engagement with the flower, the Ikebana practitioner tries to access the essential life force of the flowers on many levels, physically, psychologically and spiritually. This collaborative process with nature is always thrilling and healing. In this performance I would like to share with the audience the meditative process of creating the work as much as the end product.