Tuesday 28 April 2015

Ikebana in English: Bibliographical Essay

Shoso's new article, "Ikebana in English: Bibliographical Essay" is published. 

"English language literature on Ikebana, particularly academic publications, is scarce. However, a small number of non-academic publications such as introductory books or articles and collected works of artists have been constantly published for over the last fifty years. Consequently, even in generating research questions, Ikebana researchers in the West sometimes have to rely on non-academic publications which may represent the viewpoint of just a single Ikebana school. And even in academic publications, it is not unusual to encounter mystic discourses on Ikebana or legends unsupported by historical records.

This short essay is not an attempt to rectify those misunderstandings on Ikebana. Neither is it a comprehensive bibliography on Ikebana. My aim, rather, is to present a basic reference point for future research on Ikebana. It also hope to suggest areas for further research". 

Ikebana in English: Bibliographical Essay, International Journal of Ikebana Studies, Vol.2, 2014, pp.99-106

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