Sunday 18 August 2013

Ikebana Gallery Award 2013

The winner of the Ikebana Gallery Award 2013 has been announced.

Ikebana Gallery Award FAQ

Q: How can I submit my work?
A: Use Email or Facebook.

To make submission easier, we have started a Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page,

Now you have 2 options to submit your works.
  1. Send by email. Please see Award page in our blog for the details,
  2. Simply like Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page and post and share your work. Your post needs to be approved to appear on the wall of the page. If you don’t have a facebook account, you cannot upload your work directly. However, you can still see the page.
Q: What happens next?
A: From facebook to blog.

We hope that more Ikebana works will appear on Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page. Then, Ikebana Gallery Committee will constantly select works from the Facebook Page and publish up to about 300 works per year on this blog, Ikebana Gallery Australia. Those works on the blog will be considered for the Ikebana Gallery Award.

Q: Can anyone post on the facebook page?
A: Yes, but there are some conditions for Ikebana teachers.

Please note that the Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page is for Ikebana students. To be considered for Ikebana Gallery Award, you have to be a student of Ikebana at the time when you are submitting your work.

Qualified Ikebana teachers may submit their works to the Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page, but they have to indicate that they are teachers. Their works will not be published on our blog.

Q: I’d like to know the result of the competition. How can you keep in touch with me?
A: Use Email or Facebook.

There are several options to be in touch with us and to receive updates. Easy options are either 1 or 2.
  1. Go to the Ikebana Gallery Australia Blog. Fill in and submit your email address in Follow by Email section on the right side column.
  2. Create a Facebook account. Like Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page and you will receive updates. 
Simply by submitting your works you are supporting this project. If you want to support us even more, visit the “Sponsors” page in this blog.

Shoso Shimbo, PhD
Ikebana Gallery Australia