Friday 9 March 2012

Special Bouquets

I made these special hand tied bouquets for an international conference for women's health and welfare. Their request was to create very special bouquets using Australian native plants for their very special presenters.

I chose lime roses for main flowers. To enhance their mysterious colour, I had to use my usual Ikebana approach. Rather than showing what humans can do to nature I tried to show what nature can be.

I knew that just beautiful is not enough. In the end I was able to create one of the most interesting bouquets I have ever made.

Following is feedback from my client.

"I have just got home from the conference now and wanted to thank you so much for the most beautiful flower arrangement and bouquets.  Absolutely stunning!  

Reuben has taken lots of photos of your masterpiece on stage and will send through to you shortly.  They were an absolute beautiful and you had everyone talking about your arrangements.  A very big hit! 

I met one of your students who recognised your work, she was thrilled with the display.  

Thanks again Shoso, excellent work.  I will definitely be in touch again soon and Reuben will send through photo's etc."