Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Ten Virtues of Ikebana: 7a

The seventh of the ten virtues of Ikebana is departing from any harmful thoughts.

We may sometimes have evil or negative thoughts. When we face flowers, however, these thoughts disappear instantly. Ikebana can help keep our minds calm – a real bonus in today’s world!

The seventh virtues is similar to the second virtues, selfless mind. They both means in essence that Ikebana helps release stress. While the the former focuses on cleansing the mind, the latter focus on nourishing the mind. Although the ten virtues of Ikebana was proposed about three centuries ago, the author was really aware of  and analytical of psychological effects of Ikebana. 
You may agree with me so far, but I wonder if you would still agree with me if I said this: there is a hidden secret of Ikebana in these virtues. Selfless mind and cleansing mind are almost the same thing. Then, why didn’t the author say simply Ikebana helps get rid of stress? 
But actually there is a very small difference between them. Focusing on the small difference the hidden essence of Ikebana would be revealed. Now I’m about to talk about  a new theory about Ikebana but I don’t have enough space for that this time. I’ll write about a new insight on Ikebana next time. 
I made another simple and cool Ikebana this month. Using stapler, I made a few rings of doracena leaves. Meditate on their relationship each other and with the container. When you are happy, add a stem of oncidium. Stick the stem to the leaves to fix.
There are a couple of exhibitions I participate in November 2011. 
The Toyota Sculpture Exhibition opens on 9 November at Toyota HQ in Port Melbourne and an Ikebana Exhibition opens from 12 to 18 November at Kings Arcade in Armadale. Please come and see my works.