Friday 12 August 2011

From Shoso's Gallery: ABC Gardening Australia Expo 2008

In this work I have returned to the theme of light returning to the world, as in the story of Ameterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess, who hid herself in a cave and denied the world her light, then emerged to shine her light on the world again.
After a long period of darkness, light finally begins to shine again, starting with a small gap in a dark wall, which in fact has its own beauty. As the light breaks through, the joy of light after darkness, of hope in bleak times is seen as the floor material reaches up to bathe in the light’s reflection. 
The energy of light brings bright colours to life, while the dormant world still waiting for its touch remains a pensive green. Light is not seen in this work, only the response of the natural world to its presence.