F About ~ Shoso Shimbo


Shoso Shimbo PhD is a certified teacher of Ikebana and has over 30 years experience in Ikebana. He studied under the late Sogetsu Head Master, Hiroshi Teshigahara.

Shoso was selected by Belle magazine as one of  six “Australia’s top floral designers” and has won multiple awards including the Gold Award at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. His work was selected for the prestigious publication, International Floral Art 2014/2015 & 2016/2017, Stichting Kunstboek (Belgium).  
His sculptural works have been featured in some of the major contemporary art exhibitions including the Toyota Sculpture Exhibition, Lorne Sculpture, Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award Finalists Exhibition, Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and the New Wave Art Festival at the NGV. 

He won the Arnold Bloch Leiber Prize at the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition 2017. His recent commissions include a public work of art for the Archibald Award Exhibition 2015 at the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the Wye River Project as part of the Lorne Sculpture 2016. 

A common theme through many of his works is harmony with nature's organic order and the relationship between man and nature, where man is a part of the natural order rather than the owner of it.

Shoso has an MA in Japanese Studies, a Master of Fine Art and PhD in Education. He is also qualified as a garden designer (Japan Horticultural Society) specialising in Japanese gardens. 

He is a director of International Society of Ikebana Studies and he teaches Japanese Aesthetics at RMIT Short Courses. He is a director of Ikebana Gallery Award and was a director of Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2019.    

He has numerous publications on Ikebana and contemporary art and is a regular contributor to Living Now, Dengon Net & the International Journal of Ikebana Studies.

Solo Exhibition
2013 Distilling Nature: Master of Fine Art Project, MADA Project Gallery, Monash University

Curated Group Exhibitions (Selected)
2018 Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition
2018 Lorne Sculpture
2017 Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition
2016 Lorne Sculpture
2014 Lorne Sculpture
2013 Twenty Five Sculptures at the World Trade Centre,The WTC Gallery
Deakin University Small Contemporary Sculpture Award Finalists Exhibition 
2012 Annual Sculpture Exhibition, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery (since 2010)
Glen Eira Artists' Exhibition, Glen Eira City Council Gallery
Lorne Sculpture         
2010 Greater Than One, Monash University Faculty Gallery  

Ikebana Performance
2019 Ikebana performance with the Grigoryan Brothers, Melbourne Recital Centre

Ikebana Exhibitions (Selected)
2019 Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival, Abbotsford Convent
2019 Sogetsu Victoria Branch Exhibition, Hawthorn Town Hall.
2018 Wa: Ikebana Exhibition (since 2016), Abbotsford Convent   

Commissioned Works / Special Displays (Selected)
2018 Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA)
2016 Wye River Project, Lorne Sculpture
2015 Public Artwork for Archibald Award Exhibition, Ballarat Art Gallery 
2014 Light On / Light Off, Upper West Side, Melbourne   
2013 Christmas installation for the City of Ballarat
2012 New Wave Art Festival, National Gallery of Victoria     
2009 Chelsea Flower Show, UK
2005 Melbourne Fashion Festival, Mural Hall & Shop windows, Myer, City
Ellerslie Flower Show, Auckland, NZ         

Award (Selected)
2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Silver Award in Shop Window Display Competition
2017 The Arnold Bloch Leiber Prize at the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition 
2006 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (Gold Award)

Publication - Monograph
2009 Positive Thinking: The Secret to Success in the Language Classroom.  Köln: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Publication - Referred Journal Papers
2017 環境芸術におけるいけ花の可能性, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS), 5, pp. 109-113.

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2007 The Effect of Suggestion on Tertiary Students’ Attribution and Self-Concept. Education Research and Perspective, 34 (1), 179-197.

Publication - Non-referred Journal Articles (Selected)
2018 Monthly Ikebana column, “Hana o Tomeru” Dengon Net, May.(Since 2009 February)

2015 No Discrimination: The First of Ikebana’s ten Virtues Ten Virtues. Living Now, Issue 184, p. 17.

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Conference Papers                                                                 
2018 Creativity & Education: Environmental Art as a Vehicle of Message. Central de Studii European, Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, April 17, Iasi, Romania.      

2018 Environmental Art as Public Art. Creating Utopia Conference 2018 Sponsored by Deakin University, Lorne Sculpture Biennale, 22-25th March, Qdos Arts Lorne.  

2018 Japanese Aesthetics and Environmental Art. The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, The International  Academic Forum. March 30 - April 1, Kobe Japan.    

2017 Transition of Environmental Art: In Search of the Strategies for Sustainability. The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, The International Academic Forum. March 30 - April 2, Kobe, Japan.

2015 Power in the Discourse of Art: Ephemeral Arts as Counter-monuments and Beyond, The Sixth Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities. The International Academic Forum. April 2-4, Osaka, Japan.

2013 Ikebana to Contemporary Art: Cross Cultural Transformation in Rosalie Gascoigne, The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies. The International Academic Forum. May 24-26, Osaka, Japan.

2012 Re-positioning Ikebana in Contemporary Art. The Third Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, The International Academic Forum. April 5-8, Osaka, Japan.

Bibliography (Selected)
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Clients List (Selected)
Apollo Bay Music Festival
Chi Hair Dresser (Canterbury)
City of Ballarat
Costume National (Melbourne GPO)
Evado Clinical Software
Hanabishi Japanese Restaurant (Melbourne)
Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
Japan Cup (Moony Pond)
Japan Foundation
Japanese for Peace
Kazari & Ziguzagu
Koko Japanese Restaurant, Crown Hotel
Lesley Kehoe Galleries
Made in Japan
Mars Marketing Consultancy
Mayer (Melbourne)
Melbourne Fashion Festival
Mitsuno Japanese Restaurant (Malvern)
National Gallery of Victoria
NEC Australia
Nikolaous Institute of Philanthropy
Olympus Australia
Parkside Plastic Surgery
Renouf & Associates Pty Ltd
RMIT Short Courses - Open Day
Supernormal Cantine
Star of the Sea College 
State Government Victoria
The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria

Shoso Shimbo's Logo

Shoso's logo is his own family crest. The crest, Ken Katabami means swords and oxalis corniculata (creeping woodsorrel). The original design of hte crest was first used in Heian period (794 - 1185).   
Swords are symbol of samurai spirit and the three leaves represent compassion, wisdom and virtue.