Tuesday 31 May 2022

Ikebana Performance with Paul Grabowsky

Tickets will be on sale from 3 June 2022.  https://www.ikebanafestival.com

In the 16th century, a seminal ikebana artist Senno Ikenobo raised the idea that Ikebana should be created based on the essence of flowers rather than their image. The aim is to represent the essence of the universe, which Shoso calls Wa: Fluid Harmony in his performance. Ikebana in this sense is abstract assemblage rather than floral decoration.           

Some contemporary artists used performance to show that the artist’s creative act is equally as important as the artwork itself. Ikebana performance similarly aims to shift attention from the artwork to the artist’s action. Art exists in real space and real time and Grabowsky’s music becomes part of the materials as Shoso brings the piece together. The emerging work is a dynamic matrix, an interplay of symmetries and asymmetries in harmony with the music. 

This performance is presented by Melbourne Ikebana Festival.