Wednesday 19 May 2021

Send us your request - Online Ikebana Exhibition

Online Exhibition - 花信 Hanadayori: Ikebana by Request

What kind of ikebana would you like to see? 

Melbourne Ikebana Festival would like to offer the opportunity to request a personal flower message created by Ikebana practitioners in Japan and other parts of the world. They will make an arrangement for you and the image of your work, along with the request that you made, will go into an online exhibition.

Please send us your request, and we'll look for ikebana masters and practitioners to make a special arrangement in response to your request for free. You will be able to see the image at our online exhibition.

This unique project connects ikebana artists with an audience but also we hope to bring some healing through flowers in these difficult times. If you need a bit of stress relief, here's the perfect opportunity to take a peek inside the world of ikebana and let the beauty of flowers into your lives.

Who can request? 

What kind of request can I make? 
Any request you can think of. Tell us why you would like to see your choice - that will help the ikebana artist to make an arrangement that really responds to your request. Here are some samples:
  • Ikebana using more than 4 colours - my life has been really dull lately
  • Ikebana without flowers - I'm practising ikebana but I struggle with using other materials and I need some inspiration
  • Ikebana for my girl friend who loves white flowers
  • Tiny ikebana for our tiny bathroom

How can I make request? 
Fill in the contact form on our website by 10 June 2021.  
  1. Your Name (first name only) 
  2. Age
  3. City/Country
  4. What kind of ikebana would you like to see?
  5. Any personal story or reason for your request? The more detail you provide, the more the artist has to work with.

Who is going to make an ikebana work for me?  
International masters, Ikebana Gallery Awards winners & Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival exhibitors. Our special exhibitors include Mr Katayama (Sogetsu)Mr Yatagai (ex Ikenoboys), Ms Yumi Yamane (Shinsei School Iemoto) , Mr Oshun Tsukagoshi (Ikebana Shofu, Fuku Iemoto: Hanaike Battle Winner) & more. We aim to involve about 50 artists. 

Can I join this project as an Ikebana artist?

Yes. If you are an ikebana artist and would like to join this project, please apply by sending us an Expression of Interest by 10 June 2021. We welcome applications from those who intended to exhibit at Wa Ikebana Exhibition, but could not do so for various reasons. 

What happens next? 
We will select about 50 requests and pass them to our artists. We plan to publish ikebana works with your requests on our website & YouTube from 4 September 2021. You can send your thank you message to the artists on YouTube.   

Online Exhibition - 花信 Hanadayori: Ikebana by Request

Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival 
Rosina, Abbotsford Convent, 11&12 September 2021