Tuesday 11 August 2020

Sculpture for Le Pine, East Kew, Melbourne

Magnolia Flower

Designed by Shoso Shimbo & Shoan Lo
Stainless Steel, 450 x 1200 x 450

The form of this sculpture was inspired by the magnolia flower. Flowers have held spiritual significance since ancient times. In some cultures, the magnolia flower signifies an enduring true love that lasts throughout time and space.

Based on Ikebana aesthetics, this sculpture shows the different stages of an opening flower. As the viewers walk around, the flower may slowly open before their eyes.

Floating Petals

Designed by Shoso Shimbo & Shoan Lo

The work represents flower petals floating on running water. This combination is one of the most highly admired poetic images in Japanese culture. It signifies both the transience of our existence and the eternal cycle of nature, our spirituality. The metal flowers come from Hiromitsu blacksmith in Izumo, Japan.

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