Thursday 10 May 2012

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2012

In the wake of stressful experiences, people often reassess what is important in their lives. Every year in November, the monks at the Kiyomizu Temple in Japan choose a character that best sums up the year. Last year, it was the character Kizuna, which means “relationships”.

In 2011 Japan suffered a devastating tsunami and nuclear disaster and for many people it was their community and relationships that helped them get through the most difficult times. The same can be said for flood and fire ravaged communities in Australia, and in any place where disaster has uprooted lives.
In Ikebana the relationship between people and environments has long been a central issue. 

In this work, I explored the idea of relationship. There are several independent abstract forms, large balls made of plants and flowers, but it is the relationship between the elements that brings both tension and harmony to the work. This work Kizuna is also a metaphor for love.