Tuesday 13 September 2011

The Ten Virtues of Ikebana 5

The fifth of the ten virtues of Ikebana is gaining respect. This means that Ikebana helps personal development and as a result Ikebana practitioners will gain respect. 

However, this does not simply mean that if you become Ikebana teacher you will be respected by many. If you expect to be respected by just practicing and teaching Ikebana, that would be wrong. If you don't understand this fully, you might become an arrogant teacher, which is sad.

People with academic carrier or background may be called “teacher”.  Becoming ikebana teacher does not require any formal education. But Ikebana training is not substitute for formal educational training.

Then, how should  we interpret the fifth virtue? Ikebana gives you a status of “teacher” regardless of your formal education or background, therefore you have to make effort to be deserved to it. Focus is not the result but the process which could be long and could require much efforts. 

If all you read is women’s magazines, all you watch is silly variety shows and never read Shoso’s articles, you are not making enough efforts (ha)!

This is the work I made for Ms Renouf. Making works for clients is different from making Ikebana for yourself. You are expected to go beyond clients’ expectation under often challenging conditions. “You are amazing! Flowers were divine!” Receiving such comments, my efforts were worthy. 

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