Friday 17 June 2011

Introduction to Ikebana 1

What is Ikebana? In the 16th century Iekenobo Senno defined it as the symbolic representation of nature. Rather than focussing on the outward beauty of each flower, the Ikebana artist is concerned with the essence of the flower. Ikebana artists try to express the idea of nature in their works. Even a small work can represent a microcosm of the universe. In that sense, Ikebana is a symbolic art rather than just a nicely arranged bunch of flowers.

In this work I used a trivet which is made of the words “Very Hot”. I placed the trivet on top of another pale, then I inserted pine needles, Japonica, and sasanqua camellias. Because of striking red colour of the trivet, this work has a real feeling of celebration. It’s a simple New Year arrangement.