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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Shoso's Ikebana Performance

Wa: Ikebana Performance with the Grigoryan Brothers
31 August 2019

Melbourne Recital Centre
Booking: http://bit.ly/IkebanaGrigoryan

Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival presents Ikebana artist Shoso Shimbo in concert with the Grigoryan Brothers. 

An award-winning floral artist and sculptor, Shoso has over 30 years experience as an Ikebana practitioner in the Sogetsu school. After completing Ikebana demonstrations in Japan, Germany and Romania in 2018, in this show he brings together his sculptural skills and his deep knowledge of floral design to create an installation in real time. 

Recognised for their “uncommon originality and authority” (The NY Times), The Grigoryan Brothers will select a program specially for this event from their broad repertoire embracing genres such as classic, jazz and contemporary music. 

The intimate nature of the Primrose Potter Salon makes it the perfect venue for this event. The audience can see the skill of the Grigoryan Brothers as they play, and witness the final work emerging as Shoso brings the elements together over the performance.


Events Calendar

27 - 31 March 2019: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Shoso Shimbo won the silver award in the shop window competition. Thank you my team members, Shoto, Shokai, Shoen, Sophi, Jo, Jenny, Shoan 逍蘊 & Akemi Suzuki for great help.

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31 August 2019: Wa Ikebana Performance with the Grigoryan Brothers
Melbourne Recital Centre

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